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Detroit Lions

Three takeaways from the Detroit Lions divisional win against the Green Bay Packers, putting them at 2-3.



1. The Lions took advantage of every turnover they forced better than expected

The Lions forced three fumbles against the Packers and they were able to score each time. Along with that, each time they scored, it was a touchdown. In the end, taking advantages like that came up huge for the Lions and being the major factor in winning this game.

2. Bob Quinn’s drafted guys keep making plays

Kenny Golladay, Kerryon Johnson, and Da’Shawn Hand continue their great play and keep showing why their the top players for the team at their position. Golladay made great catches throughout the game, Johnson averaged 5.8 yards per carry this game with 70 yards rushing, and Hand had another sack and forced fumble. Guys like these continue to show that Bob Quinn is doing pretty good when it comes to drafting.

3. The Lions really could give some of the credit of this win to Mason Crosby

Mason Crosby leaving 13 points on the board can make a difference in a game. Either the crowd was in his head or he was in his own head as Crosby couldn’t make a field goal all day. The Lions haven’t gotten luck like that in a while, but luck happens in the NFL.

This win was needed for the Lions going into their bye week. They are now at 2-3 and have a week to prepare for another big game upcoming against the Miami Dolphins. Due to the tie between the Vikings and the Packers, there is a three way fight for 2nd place in the NFC North. The season is still early and it will be interesting to see where each team heads in these next few games.

Detroit Lions

Lions Placing Jamal Agnew On IR



The Detroit Lions are placing cornerback and return specialist Jamal Agnew on injured reserve due to a knee injury, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Agnew, 23, led the NFL in punt return yardage and average during the 2017 season, scoring two touchdowns en route to All-Pro honors during his rookie campaign.

Agnew has been getting more reps, this season, on the defensive side of the ball, but has not performed at a quality level despite getting the slight uptick in playing time, in addition to his normal special team duties.

With the placement on injured reserve, Agnew could return in 8 weeks time, if healthy, but could also be on the shelf for the remainder of the year.

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Dallas Cowboys

Three takeaways from the Detroit Lions third loss of the season to the Dallas Cowboys



1. Ezekiel Elliott ran all over the defense

Elliott ran for 152 yards and had 88 receiving yards on the Lions this week. He averaged 6.1 yards a carry and there were some plays where there were humongous holes for him to go through. Zeke also had himself a day catching the ball because he took a screen pass for a touchdown and had the game sealing catch late in the 4th quarter. While the Lions knew that Elliott was going to be their main source of offense, there was nothing they could do about it.

2. Missed opportunities truly was the difference in this game

Late in the 4th quarter, the Lions had two plays where if they would’ve made the plays, they would be looking at being 2-2 instead of 1-3. One of them was a dropped interception by Glover Quinn when Dak Prescott tried to throw it over the middle and Quinn was spying on the play and read it perfectly. The second play was the play right before Zeke’s big catch where they made Dak Prescott fumble and nobody could get on the ball or sack him. If those plays were made, the outcome definitely would’ve been different.

3.  Most of Bob Quinn’s draft picks are starting to show their colors

Players like Da’Shawn Hand, Kenny Golladay, and Kerryon Johnson are starting to show that they are solid draft picks made by Bob Quinn. They all made an impact this game and all of their futures look bright. Hand finished with a sack and a forced fumble. Golladay had four catches for 74 yards. And last but not least, that can definitely be emphasized for Kerryon Johnson, who absolutely bulldozed over a safety to get his 1st touchdown.

This game was a tough one for the Lions. They tried to comeback at the last second and it didn’t end up working out. This always seems to be the trend with the Lions and it either goes their way or it doesn’t and this week, it didn’t. While things do look bright for the draft picks the Lions have taken the past few years, it does need to lead to victories and not “what if” games. The next game against the Green Bay Packers at home will probably determine where the rest of this season is going.

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Three takeaways from the Detroit Lions stunning win against the New England Patriots in Week 3



1. The streak of games without a 100 yard rusher is finally over!

After 70 games, the streak is finally over for the Detroit Lions. Kerryon Johnson was the one who broke the streak as he rushed for 101 yards. Last week was a small glimpse of what Johnson was capable off, but this week he really showed his potential. Johnson is starting to get more looks week by week and this is a very bright spot going forward for the Lions rushing attack.

2. The defensive line showed up big time this week

The defensive line for the Lions got big stops for them this week. There were multiple occasions during this game where the Patriots ran the ball on 3rd and short and the line blew the plays up to force 4th down. Those were momentum changing type plays and helped the Lions down the stretch of this game.

3. A win like this helps the team buy in to Matt Patricia

After tough losses to the Jets and 49ers, the Lions were desperate for a win. Not only did Patricia beat his former team, he out coached them. After reports that he had already lost the team, it is a win like this that proves that the team will probably get behind him knowing that hard work pays off.

This truly was a win that not many people saw coming. But, the Patriots are known for not being good in September, only to completely turn it around after. This is a big win for the Lions, and hopefully is a sign of good things to come. With a winnable road game next week against the Dallas Cowboys, it will really show was type of team the Lions are.

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