New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning went through one roller-coaster of a season in which his status as a starter and tenure with the only team he has ever played for in the NFL, were both in jeopardy.

Now, after the dust settled, Manning’s status has more clarity and his tenure more security, and those factors have Manning feeling pretty good about getting back to work as the Giants turn the page on the 2017 season and look forward to 2018.

“Excited,” Manning said on Friday when asked about how he feels about the Giants future (h/t ESPN). “Excited to get back to work and knowing that they have faith in me that I can go out there and win games and play at a high level.

“I want to go prove them right. I want to go out there and work my tail off to get to playing at a high level.”

While Manning is back in his role as the clear cut Giants starter, the 37-year old veteran isn’t going to give a young quarterback the cold shoulder and will help him develop his game.

“Every year, you’ve got backup quarterbacks and they’re usually going to be younger than you,” Manning said. “I’m used to that, and it’s always about helping the other guys in the room and having great communication, great conversations. That won’t be a big deal, just always want to help the younger guys learn as quickly as possible and when they’re in there, plan to play at a high level.”

Manning, however, wouldn’t call it “mentoring”.

“It’s not your job to mentor somebody, but I wouldn’t look at it as that role,” Manning said. “I would look at it as it’s my job to prepare and compete and be ready to play each and every game. In that process, you’re always talking football, helping out the other guys in the room, whether it’s Davis Webb this year or Geno or guys over the years. You always have back and forth. You’re always helping them out. Nothing changes.”

Manning sees big things for the Giants, who have a new general manager and new head coach.

“Knowing how my body feels,” Manning said, “and how I can still make throws — my body feels good and can still run around and do everything I have to do — I think I don’t have any indication it is going to slow down or all of a sudden have a big dropoff.”