Carolina Panthers head coach Ron Rivera is calling for an additional referee should be added to the officiating crew, citing concerns with the direction of officiating after the Panthers Wild Card loss to the New Orleans Saints.

“I think they need help,” Rivera said (h/t ESPN).

“First of all, there’s a lot of vagueness to the rules. There’s a lot of gray area. We put a lot on them and ask them to do a lot. Things happen in a split second. They’re trying to make decisions during real time.

“I think they do need to add an extra referee and they need to put that guy right behind the linebackers. They’ve got to pad him up. It’s just my opinion. But these guys are trying to do something that’s very difficult. It’s an emotional game. I get emotional about it, and I know they try to do the best they can.”

Rivera had complaints about two key plays in the Wild Card tilt and doubled down on his stance that improvements are needed.

“There’s a way to solve it, and I think we can help them out,” Rivera said. “We’ve got to take the gray area out. That’s one of the things we have to look at in the offseason.”