As part of their now-concluded search for their next general manager, the Green Bay Packers interviewed Doug Whaley, according to Michael Cohen of the Journal Sentinel.

Green Bay ended up choosing Brian Gutekunst as their new GM.

Whaley is best know for his time with the Buffalo Bills and while success wasn’t obtained while he was there, a lot of the roster moves Whaley made helped Buffalo reach the playoffs this season, breaking their long playoff drought.

According the report, Whaley impressed:

“Doug Whaley really did a job with the interview,” Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy said.

“I think it was not confirmed, but he was the fourth interview. I knew him a little bit, so I enjoyed having a chance to spend some time with him. I’m a Bills fan, so I follow the Bills a little more closely than some of the other teams. But he put together that roster, and it’s a playoff team without a great quarterback. It made the playoffs. They have a good roster. I think that was a tribute to him. Very interesting candidate. Fascinating background. Was a stockbroker for a year, about to be a pilot and done a lot of good things. And obviously served as a GM and his background with the Steelers was intriguing, too.”