2018 was a strange, yet tough season for the Miami Dolphins. The frustration began when incumbent starter Ryan Tannehill tore his ACL. The teams has considered the injury to be a second knee injury, however, many feel that the ACL tear was an extension of the slight tear he suffered week 14 last season against the Arizona Cardinals. After the Tannehill injury, things seemed to get worse, with the Hurricane displacing the team before the week one tilt against the Buccaneers. The game was eventually rescheduled to the Bye week, meaning neither team received their BYE week. The Dolphins later had to handle a media nightmare, with then offensive line coach Chris Foerster, snorting a white substance. Foerster resigned, leading to one of the first coaching changes needed.

Foerster’s resignation left an opening for an offensive line coach. With this opening, first order of business after the abysmal season, was bringing back Jeremiah Washburn, who spent the 2016 season as the Miami Dolphins assistant offensive line coach. Washburn is considered one of the best offensive line coaches in the NFL.

Gase was not finished after bringing back Foerster. During Gase’s exit press conference, mentioned bringing in an experienced coach to help him balance his play calling. Gase reassigned Clyde Christensen to an unidentified role and hired Dowell Loggains, former Chicago Bears offensive coordinator. Christensen was the the Miami Dolphins’ offensive coordinator from 2016 to 2017.

Loggains does not come to Miami with a resume of power house offenses, however, he brings a balance to the play calling that Gase was looking for. Gase and Loggains worked together in Chicago when Gase was the offensive coordinator and Loggains was the quarterback coach. Loggains and Gase reportedly have a good working relationship, as they know when to challenge each other. Loggains is a guy that loves to run the football as he did in Chicago. Under Loggains, Running back Jordan Howard was second in the league in rushing yards in 2016 (1,313) and sixth in rushing yards in 2017 (1,122).


Gase was not finished by reassigning Christensen and hiring Loggains. Gase wanted to revamp the entire rushing offense. Gase fired running back coach Danny Barrett and interviewed Eric Studesville, who also worked with Gase in Denver. Studesville has an impressive resume and has been around quite a few running backs. Studesville guided Tiki Barber to three consecutive 1,000 yard rushing seasons, with one of those seasons being second in franchise history with 1,554 yards. Studesville also coached Willis McGahee with the Buffalo Bills, helping him emerge as a top running back in the NFL. The Bills later drafted Marshawn Lynch and signed Fred Jackson, both of which saw success under Studesville as the RB coach. Studesville went to Denver to work under Josh McDaniels in 2009 and became the interim head coach in 2010 when McDaniels was fired. Studesville saw Knowshone Moreno have success under him and Willis McGahee remerged under Sutdesville in Denver. Nothing has been official as of yet, but with the relationship with Gase and the young running back in Drake, Studesville could very well agree to coach the Dolphin’s runningbacks.

Gase set out to fix the run game issues that plagued the offense for the first half of the season. Gase did not take long to make decisions. Gase wants to fix this offense by adding balance and a more effective run game. Gase addressed his own play calling by hiring Loggains to help him balance the attack. He then addressed execution by bringing in an offensive line coach and a running back coach that will help improve the blocking and the running backs’ play.

So far, Gase has not been all about talk. He has taken action. Gase watered down the offense for certain players not doing their homework and then one week later, Jay Ajayi was traded to the Philadelphia Eagles. Ajayi was not the issue with the Run game, however, Gase wanted to run a variety of attacks, but Ajayi limited those options. Gase is ready to make this team an offensive power house that plays complimentary football. He has delivered on his comment to make changes, let’s see how those decisions play out.