Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy is pulling no punches when it comes to sharing his opinion about fellow Bucs players.

McCoy specifically compared his Bucs’ teams with the two teams in the Super Bowl, the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles saying both teams “never have to worry about whether a guy was going to do their job or where they were going to be.”

McCoy pointed specifically to accountability that he sees in both teams, saying he wants to see more of it with the Bucs.

“Whether it was preparation. How guys prepared. How guys played,” McCoy said on WDAE, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

“We just shot ourselves in the foot a lot with penalties and mental errors. And then there were times where we just got beat as a team. The team was just better than us. That comes from experience. Guys have to band together. We’ve got to come together as a team and unit and get on the same page. We weren’t always on the same page. I think myself and Lavonte [David], we take a lot of blame for that. Not doing enough in the room or at practice. If this thing is going to change, we need to take this thing over and make sure it changes.”