NFL teams are complaining to the league, believing that the Green Bay Packers should be forced to release quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Multiple teams complained to the NFL last week that the Packers violated the rules regarding players who are eligible to be placed on injured reserve, according to a report from ESPN.

According to NFL rules, a player needs to have suffered a new injury that would sideline him at least six weeks to be placed on injured reserve.

The team is obligated to release the player once he is healthy if that isn’t the case.

Rodgers was activated off injured reserve and played last Sunday against the Carolina Panthers but exited the game because he was “sore,” according to Packers head coach Mike McCarthy.

Green Bay did not announce its decision to place Rodgers back on injured reserve until Tuesday when the team was eliminated from the playoff hunt.

The Packers decision to shut Rodgers down is what teams are claiming should warrant action from the league.

It is not believed that Rodgers suffered any type of new injury against the Panthers, and if he didn’t then, according to rules, the Packers should be forced to release him.

It is highly unlikely that the league will force the Packers to do so, which has many NFL teams asking why the Packers are immune to the rule and it’s disciplinary outline.