In the midst of the controversy over Pittsburgh Steeler’s tight end Jesse James’ touchdown being overturned in the Steelers’ loss to the New England Patriots, one NFL quarterback is siding with the league’s catch rule.

That quarterback is New York Giants veteran signal caller Eli Manning.

“I know the rules,” Manning told the New York Post.

“I was watching the game live, you see it, and it doesn’t look like an incompletion at all,” Manning explained.

“Once they slow it down and see him going to the ground and the ball hitting the ground, incompletion.”

“You hate it, when you’re watching it live, you don’t even think about that not being a catch,” Manning continued.

“When they run it down, hey, when you go to the ground you got to finish with the ball in your hand. When it hits the ground and there’s movement, I was like, ‘I think that’s enough evidence where they’re gonna reverse that.'”

“I think it is clear what a catch is,” Manning stated.

“Especially when you’re going to the ground, you got to control the ball the whole time. You got to have it. If the ball hits the ground, you’re going to the ground, the ball moves or hits the ground and there’s a little loss of contact through the end of the play, it’s gonna be an incompletion.”

“I think there’s probably more questions on whether it was a catch or not before this rule,” Manning said. “There was kinda, ‘It looks like a catch, what are the exact rules?’ They made it definitive in saying, ‘These are the rules and it’s gonna be called fairly and equally every way.'”