The Philadelphia Eagles are confident that Nick Foles can effectively step in for the injured Carson Wentz and continue the Eagles’ winning ways.

Wentz, who was enjoying an MVP caliber season, went down with a torn ACL last Sunday thrusting the veteran journeyman quarterback into the starting gig for one of the NFL’s best teams in 2017.

“We’ve seen Nick be very good,” Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said in an interview with earlier this week.

“And that year, 27 touchdowns, was no fluke. This is a better football team than that team. He’s surrounded with a better team now than when he was with us before. So, we have a real resilient group of guys and I know we’ll play hard and I think we’ll play well. And shoot for the No. 1 seed if we can get it.”

In the season Lurie is referring to, Foles had completed 64% of his passes, threw 27 touchdowns versus only two interceptions and a 119 passer rating.

Has the loss of Wentz slowed down or derailed the excitement over the Eagles success this year and the excitement moving forward?

“No, it really hasn’t. You have that initial worry,” Lurie said. “We lost Jason Peters, it was like, ‘Oh my god. How we going to protect the quarterback? Ugh, we lost Darren Sproles. How are we going to have any kind of receiving game out of the backfield and blitz protection.

“Ugh, we lost our play-caller on defense, Jordan Hicks. How are we going to manage? Jeez, our special teams were good but we lost our best special teams player, [Chris] Maragos. We just got to have the same attitude, exact same approach.

“We’ve planned for having a really good backup quarterback who I think is capable of being a good starter in the league,” Lurie continued. “We just got to go for it.”

“We purposely invested a lot in the backup quarterback position,” Lurie said. “Nick was a Pro Bowl player for us. He’s a great guy with a lot of talent.”

Lurie is confident that Wentz’s injury won’t derail the Eagles season.

“All of us who have so much emotions in it, it’s heart-wrenching initially,” Lurie said, “but then you know, our team is very resilient.”

Lurie also talked about his head coach, Doug Pederson’s job of handling things in the wake of Wentz’s injury.

“No doubt, [Pederson] was talking to the team,” Lurie said.

“We’ve got a great group of guys, a great locker room culture. They are in a great position, 11-2. They love Carson and they love Nick and now we just going to have to do it with Nick. We see him every day in practice and we’ve got a very special player in Carson. Now we have to do with a guy that we have a lot of confidence in in Nick.”