The Dallas Cowboys defense should be getting a boost when Pro Bowl linebacker Sean Lee, who has missed the past 3 games, returns to the field.

As of now, Lee is on track for a Week 14 return to the field.

“Everything is on track,” Lee said (h/t ESPN). “We’ve got a couple of workouts, but feeling great.”

Lee was hurt during Dallas’ game against the Atlanta Falcons when he suffered a hamstring strain.

The Cowboys, coming off a Thursday night win over the Washington Redskins will be happy to have Lee for the stretch run and Lee will be happy to come back if the Cowboys continue to do what they did to the Redskins.

“This was great for us,” Lee said of the Cowboys victory over Washington.

“We really need this and to see both sides of the ball [and] special teams play so well, it was a huge confidence builder for us and we have to continue to go. But it’s been frustrating being out and I can’t stand being put.”

Lee’s injury has frustrated Cowboys’ fans who see Lee as injury prone, but Lee understands their frustrations.

“I sympathize with them because I get it,” Lee said.

“I mean, I hate being out and I try to do everything possible to stay on the field and sometimes it doesn’t work like that. As I’ve grown more and matured, I try to focus on the great opportunity I have ahead of me instead of focusing on the injuries. … We’ve got a lot of football left this season. I’m going to be back and I’ve got to find a way to stay out there.”