The Dallas Cowboys may not be going to the NFL playoffs this year but veteran tight end Jason Witten has his eyes set on redemption in 2018.

Witten is coming back for the 2018 season, according to Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News.

“I see too much positive,” Witten said. “I really do. I feel too good to think that would end, so my intentions are to keep playing.”

While Witten and the Cowboys won’t be playing in the playoffs, Witten still has his eyes set on the final game of the season.

“It’s hard,” Witten said of the season winding down.

“You put everything you got into it, for a long time, man. It’s a game. It is. But you go let them see Santa Claus tomorrow. I got a great family. I got a great support system. The next half hour just take a few deep breaths, try to process it and enjoy the moment, devour the strawberries, so to speak. I wish I could tell you that it would be easy. Having a good wife helps. I’ve been fortunate. I’ve lived the dream here for the last 15 years with this organization. Great ownership, great coaches, great opportunity. Disappointed that we couldn’t get it done this year.”