Cleveland Browns’ owner Jimmy Haslam is wasting no time setting the new tone for the future of his team.

With a number of changes this week starting with the dismissal of Sashi Brown to the release of Kenny Britt, it’s been a dizzying time for the long-suffering franchise.

Haslam wants new general manager John Dorsey to put one job at the top of his ‘To Do’ list: Find a quarterback.

“Let’s sit down as a group [at the end of the season],” Dorsey said (h/t “This is a quarterback-driven league. We all know that and we all know, to succeed and to go a little bit farther and farther and farther, you need one of those guys. So I think it’s an evaluation period that’s going to take a little bit to put a plan together.

“The draft is four and a half months away. Free agency is three months away. We have ample time to make a plan here.”

That doesn’t sound like a vote of confidence for rookie Browns quarterback DeShone Kizer, who is probably pretty disappointed with the franchise’ belief that he isn’t perceived as their franchise quarterback for the future.

“Let me say it this way: The Cleveland Browns are not going to be successful until we get a quarterback,” Haslam said about the team’s position.

“And we obviously have DeShone and two other quarterbacks on the roster. We’re going to look at free agency and the draft. As it was mentioned earlier, we have a substantial amount of capital. We’re going to do whatever it takes to find the quarterback we need to be successful.

“That will be John’s No. 1 priority. We’re going to do whatever it takes to get a QB.”

It looks the Browns will once again be in search of franchise quarterback, which puts the pressure on Dorsey to deliver.