Tennessee Titans head coach Mike Mularkey has an idea on how to hold officials accountable for their performance.

Mularkey is probably still upset over the spotting of the ball by officials after a fumble during the first half of their game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

“You just want to see people held accountable as coaches and players are every Sunday,” Mike Mularkey said, via Paul Kuharsky of paulkuharsky.com.

“What happened after the fact? I know they’re graded just like we are. You want to know what happens when you make a mistake like that? That could have been the difference in the game, a field goal at the time.

“I just want everybody held accountable.”

The idea of holding officials accountable is not anything new as both players and coaches have been vocal in their criticism of officiating, which seems to get more complicated and less efficient each season.