When it comes to the Tennessee Titans backfield, head coach Mike Mularkey believes that he has plenty of firepower.

Mularkey will continue to use running backs DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry in the same manner he has all season, treating them as two starting running backs.

“I think the way it has worked out, it has worked just fine,” Mularkey stated, according to the team’s official website.

“I think we have two starters, and if somebody wants to just line up on the first play of the game to justify, ‘This guy is the starter,’ I don’t know. It is not something we are worried about.”

“They are both really good at what they do.”

We preach on being physical, being the most physical team,” Henry said. “You just have to dominate the guy across from you and have that will to do that. … We just have to make a play. Everybody block their man, man on man, and get the ball and make a play.

“We just want to come out here and compete, and get better, and have that carry over into the game this weekend.”