The NFL’s Thursday Night Football format has long attracted the ire of players around the league and the harsh criticism continues, almost weekly.

Last week, it was Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Richie Incognito who took the NFL to task for what he calls “completely unfair and bulls–t” when discussing Thursday Night Football.

Now, Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin and linebacker Bobby Wagner are voicing their displeasure with the format as well.

Baldwin told reporters, following this week’s Thursday night game, that Thursday night games “should be illegal,” according to the News Tribune‘s Gregg Bell.

Wagner also had strong criticism to share.

Seattle is reeling from the loss of cornerback Richard Sherman, who suffer a ruptured Achilles during the Thursday night tilt, according to NFL Network’s Omar Ruiz.

It’s unclear if the league will look into the controversial format which reeks of hypocrisy regarding the league’s stance on player safety, but it’s certainly clear that more and more players are speaking out opposing the schedule format.