New Orleans Saints wide receiver Willie Snead IV isn’t a big part of the Saints passing game, which is far different than last year when Snead played a significant role in the aerial attack.

With Snead’s diminished role it isn’t surprising that he would be frustrated with how things are going in New Orleans this season.

“From the last two years to this year, it’s been totally different,” Snead said, according to

“The competitor in me definitely wants to be out there making plays and helping my team stay on the field and doing whatever I have to do — that coach needs me to do.

“I am frustrated with that, but at the same time I know we have a great team. I know I’m still trying to find my role, and I know that Coach has a plan for me, you know. I’ve just got to be patient, wait for my time to come and when it comes just make sure I take advantage of the opportunity.”

During Snead’s absence other Saints receivers have stepped up and been productive.

“Guys have been doing a great job over the past couple weeks,” Snead said. “Kamara’s (turned) into a great player, B. Cole’s been doing a great job. Ted’s been finding his role as well, so it’s kind of like I’m just trying to fill the voids where there is to be filled.

“Coach [Sean Payton] knows I can do everything. He knows what I can do and he knows that I’m available at any moment. I’m healthy. This is the best I’ve felt all year, and right now it’s just trying to make sure I’m available and when the opportunities come to me. Just making sure I make the plays and doing whatever I have to do to keep the chains moving or keeping the offense on the field.”

While Snead would like a bigger role in the offense he admits it’s easier to take his role in stride considering the success the team has experienced this season.

“I know after this past weekend it was tough because I didn’t feel like I really helped my team the way I felt like I could,” he said. “Hopefully this week will be different, and I’m just looking forward to every week, because every week is different.

“A guy could, one week, get one catch, next week get 10 catches or have a different type of impact for the team. So I’m just hoping my role changes from week-to-week and just being ready and available.”