Rex Ryan isn’t far removed from his last gig in the NFL as the head coach of the Buffalo Bills, so he is familiar with the roster in Buffalo and the players that make up that roster.

One player Ryan certainly knows is quarterback Tyrod Taylor and Ryan also knows how th franchise has felt about him.

“It reminds me, and this is way greater than the situation I’m going to tell ya, but, when I was approached last year knowing I wasn’t going to be there and all that stuff and I was told to bench Tyrod Taylor” Ryan said on ESPN’s Golic & Wingo Show.

It was like ‘There’s no way, I’m not doing it. You might as well fire me now because I’m not doing it,’ Ryan said.

And I thought it was the wrong move. It sent the wrong message to the locker room: we’re not going to play him because we’re out of it, but it’s OK to play YOU. How’s that guy going to feel? Well, they went out and got beat by the Jets’ JV team.”