Veteran pass rusher Dwight Freeney has seen a lot during his long NFL career, but being cut last week by the Seattle Seahawks left him in a state of shock.

Freeney was effective in Seattle, notching 3 sacks in 4 games prior to his release, making the decision to cut him that much more surprising.

“Oh, completely surprised. Completely surprised. Jaw on the ground,” Freeney said Monday, via ESPN.

“I’m like, what the heck had just happened? It would be one thing if I wasn’t producing and all that, but I was producing, and that was the decision that they had to make based on their situation, and like I said, I’m not a general manager, I’m not a head coach, so I don’t know those types of things.

“Maybe it had something to do with salary cap or maybe it had to do with the fact that they couldn’t line up at linebacker, so they had to go to the deepest position that they had, and I was, I guess, the low guy on the totem pole because I was the newest guy, which was probably a little bit easier for them to do that.”

Freeney was claimed by the Detroit Lions and was so excited to join the team that he offered to suit up for their Thanksgiving game before he even arrived in Detroit.

“He’s still got juice,” Lions head coach Jim Caldwell, who knows Freeney from his days with the Indianapolis Colts, said, via ESPN.

“You take a look. He’s been productive anytime that he’s been on the field, and we’ll expect him to be productive for us as well. How we’ll use him? We’ll make a real good determination of that as we go through the week. But he’ll be able to do something for us.”