NFL running back Darren McFadden has announced his retirement.

McFadden, who was recently cut by the Dallas Cowboys, made the official announcement on Tuesday.

“Today, I am announcing that I am retiring from the NFL. I have been extremely privileged to play in the league for a long time,” McFadden wrote. “And now that time for me is done.”

McFadden, 30, and Dallas had a mutual decision to be waived by the Cowboys over the weekend.

McFadden was originally drafted by the Oakland Raiders with the 4th overall pick in the 2008 draft. McFadden went on to post 1,157 yards plus 507 yards receiving in 2010, his best season.

McFadden ends his career with 5,421 yards rushing, at 4.2 yards per attempt, and 28 rushing touchdowns to go with 2,114 yards receiving and five receiving touchdowns.