A number of San Francisco 49ers players are irked by fans that cheered when quarterback Cj Beathard was injured during Sunday’s game against the Seattle Seahawks.

Beathard suffered a left leg injury with 1 minute, 7 seconds remaining in the game and his departure paved the way for the debut of 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who was acquired via trade with the New England Patriots ahead of this season’s trade deadline.

A number of fans started cheering when they realized that Garoppolo would be entering the game for the injured Beathard.

“Our starting quarterback got hurt, and people are cheering before he even stands up, and that pisses me off, so I’m disappointed in our fans,” 49ers linebacker Eric Reid said after the game (h/t ESPN).

“I understand the excitement about Jimmy, he’s a great player, but that’s not right.”

“It’s disappointing that when a man is hurt — people don’t understand what we go through as football players. And what our bodies go through. And he’s laying down on the ground and people are cheering. That’s messed up,” Reid continued.

“I was disappointed in them when they were cheering,” 49ers rookie linebacker Reuben Foster said.

“Our fans are better than that. It’s a fact that our starting quarterback is down, who’s been making plays and really taking his body into a lot of things that a quarterback shouldn’t be getting into.

“You would think someone would see that and say, ‘I love the quarterback.’ Jimmy, great guy, I’m happy he was out on the field. I was rooting for him too, but at the same time, I have to wait and make sure my brother on the ground is [OK] before I cheer for Jimmy. I’m going to cheer for my brother when he gets off the ground because he’s all right. And then I’m going to cheer for Jimmy.”

Fans may be disappointed that head coach Kyle Shanahan has stated that Garoppolo’s appearance won’t influence his decision moving forward.

“Those plays have nothing to do with anything,” Shanahan said. “That’s just running around, and he made a great play, but no, those have no bearing on it at all.”