For those of you waiting for the San Francisco 49ers to turn the reigns of the team over to quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, you may need to wait a bit longer.

According to Niners General Manager John Lynch, the team doesn’t necessarily need Garoppolo to play immediately.

Lynch explained the team’s thinking (h/t Matt Maiocco of NBC Sports).

“The plan is to continue to get him ready. It’s a very different system he played under. A great system, but a different system he played under in New England. And [head coach Kyle Shanahan’s] system is complex for a quarterback. There’s a lot of verbiage in every play call. There are a lot of adjustments on every play call that the quarterback controls.

“We want to set Jimmy up for success and also the way [C.J. Beathard’s] playing is helping us sit back. And now we have a bye week. They’re going to work hard during this week to get him up to speed. But right now, we don’t need him. C.J. just played a great game and his teammates really believe in him. We think it’s nothing but a good situation.”

Although Garoppolo won;t be taking the starting gig right now the team does see him as a potential franchise quarterback for the future.

“We know what we like about Garoppolo. And that’s only been strengthened by the time that’s he’s been here. We’re just going to let these things play out. That’s in Kyle’s hands.

“People have had all these ideas about why we got Jimmy” Lynch explained.

“We got Jimmy because we think he has big-time ability at the quarterback position. And we believe so much—to get where we need to get—you have to have a franchise quarterback. We think he’s got that ability. Whether that happens, when that happens, we’ll see. But we certainly like his future with the 49ers.”