The Washington Redskins will be looking for help along their defensive line after it was announced that defensive lineman Jonathan Allen will miss the rest of the season after suffering a Lisfranc injury in his left foot during Sunday’s win over San Francisco.

Allen was one of the team;s best performers on defense and a catalyst to their continued improvement.

Back on Monday, Washington head coach Jay Gruden said Allen was playing the position “like a veteran, really.”

“He has got great fundamentals,” Gruden said about Allen’s game.

“He’s got a great idea of run/pass, how to get off blocks. He has got strong hands and he was getting a pretty consistent pass-rush push. He doesn’t have a lot of sacks obviously, but he was getting push in the pocket which was critical for the interior guys so the edge guys can get home. Just all around, he has played well.”

Anthony Lanier II will replace Allen in the lineup.