Week one NFL kickoff game New England Patriots vs. Kansas City Chiefs. Two key players out for the season: Edelman from the Patriots, and Ware from the Chiefs. After winning the superbowl for the 2016 season Patriots fans were expecting the Patriots to blow the Chiefs out of the water. To everyone’s surprise, the Chiefs dominated 42 to 27.

                       Key players to watch in the weeks to come


After a shaky season for Alex Smith in 2016, he proved his dedication to the game and the improvements made in the offseason. In game one Smith had 80% completion, 4 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, and 368 yards.

Tom Brady played with 44% completion, 0 touchdowns, 0 interceptions, and 267 yards.


Unfortunately for Hunt his first chance to prove himself ended with a fumble during the Chiefs first possession of the game. Hunt proved himself after with 2 touchdown receptions, 1 touchdown rush, 148 rushing yards, and 98 receiving yards. Hunt showed agility and confidence when running the ball. In the midst of Wares absence Hunt stepped up to plate.


Tyreek Hill, the 2016 sleeper, showed why he is the Chiefs most reliable receiver. In game one Hill had one touchdown reception, 133 receiving yards, and 5 rushing yards. The highlight of the night being the 75 yard throw caught by Hill for a touchdown.


Without Eric Berry we can’t be sure if this kickoff game would have went as well for the Chiefs. As the Chiefs number one safety it will be hard to continue with the same strength of defense without him. Eric Berry came in hard all four quarters until the last five minutes when he possibly ruptured his Achilles tendon. I’ve always been on team Berry, even hoped Chicago would make an offer to him in the coming season, it will be quite a shocker if the Chiefs are able to replace the position with someone as efficient as he.


Needless to say an exciting game to start this NFL season.

Week 2: Chiefs vs Eagles

Patriots vs Saints


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