Kansas City Chiefs rookie running back Kareem Hunt has been carrying a massive workload for his offense this season en route to an impressive start to his NFL career.

But in case you were wondering if the Chiefs were at all concerned about the work they were heaping onto Hunt, head coach Andy Reid put those concerns to rest.

“We’ll make the proper adjustments,” Reid said. “We’ll probably make some changes. So figure out what we’ve got to do, get that thing rolling. I’ve been watching it for two years. It hasn’t worked. So we’re going to figure some things out.”

Many people wonder if, on his current workload pace, Hunt would hit a wall and fade out as the season wore on.

Reid doesn’t share those concerns.

“I’ve seen enough make it through and I’ve seen some that hit a wall,” Reid said. “If I didn’t [give him the ball] then you’d ask me if I needed to give him the ball more. I went through that with Jamaal, at first it was too much, then not enough, it goes back and forth. I just go off of the feel I have and the experience, we’ll be all right there.”