The Chicago Bears aren’t ready to turn the page on quarterback Mike Glennon just yet, despite some fans calling for the team to start rookie Mitchell Trubisky after Sunday’s beatdown at the hands of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 29-7.

“I don’t think anybody … without even seeing the tape yet that you can pin that on the quarterback” Bears head coach John Fox said.

Glennon went 31-of-45 for 301 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions in the loss.

“Like I said earlier, everybody had their hand in that” Fox explained.

Glennon was the victim of a strip sack after a blown blocking assignment and also threw a game-crippling pick-6 to Robert McClain toward the end of the first half.

With Houston and Cleveland already turning their teams over to their rookie quarterbacks, fans will be looking for Chicago to do the same should Glennon continue to struggle.

Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers will be critical to Glennon’s long-term status as Chicago’s starting quarterback.