It is no secret that one of the reasons the Miami Dolphins faltered last season was an inability to stop the run.

Miami, who tied for last in the NFL in yards allowed per carry (4.8), focused their offseason on revamping the defense both in the draft (Charles Harris, William Hayes, Raekwon McMillan, Vincent Taylor) and in free agency (Lawrence Timmons).

While it’s hard to determine just how much a team has truly improved, in any area, during training camp, Dolphins head coach has seen some positive things in regards to the run defense so far in camp.

“I’ve noticed a difference with the d-line,” coach Adam Gase said, per Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.

“They’re so sound right now. They are closing things down in the running game very quickly. It’s been very difficult running the football, especially in the edge.”

Miami knows that improving their run defense is critical to sustaining their success from the 2016 season.

So far, so good.

“They are hammering it good – those second, third groups,” Gase said.” It’s all about consistency.”

Gase is taking last season’s failures on the defensive side of the football as a tool to improve this offseason.

“We learned a lot what we needed to improve on schematically,” Gase said.

“There are times everyone was on the same page [last season] and sometimes we would be way off and gashed in the running game and passing game. We added some guys with veteran presence.”

It will be interesting to see just how much the Dolphins improved in the run defense department but it’s unlikely that the improvement won’t be seen until the regular season is underway, when players are officially “on”.

For now, the Dolphins are feeling pretty good about what’s going on in camp.