Bengals’ Marvin Lewis Likes What He Sees From Joe Mixon

(AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Cincinnati Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis has been around the NFL for a long-time and has been entrenched in Cincy for a long time too.

So Lewis knows a thing or two about special players and when the Bengals selected running back Joe Mixon in the 2017 NFL Draft they were hopeful that Mixon would be a special player.

So far, the Bengals coach likes what he has seen out of the rookie rusher, especially his work ethic and enthusiasm.

“From the very first rookie camp here in Cincinnati, you felt that, but you aren’t sure because it’s a very limited exposure” Lewis said this week, per ESPN.

“Now that’s a day-to-day thing with the ups and downs in camp — being tired, being asked to run and finish every play. He likes to do that,” Lewis continued.

“He likes to run down that field like he is scoring a touchdown, and we are going to give him a lot of opportunities to do that.

“That’s just part of his makeup, and that’s good. He can never lose that. That’s the other part of it, you don’t want him to lose that. I hope he keeps that enthusiasm that he has now. We have to continue with that because he is still a very young guy.”

As the Bengals and their rookie running back prepare for Friday’s preseason tilt, Lewis outline some things that he would like to see from Mixon during the game.

“He’s very natural at the other stuff. And then he is going to get an opportunity to protect the quarterback,” Lewis said.

“The rest of the stuff he does very naturally, like running or catching. But [I want to see] his pad level, and making sure his tracks are correct. Those are the things we are going to continue to evaluate and make sure he gets up to speed on and stays consistent. So far, he has been very good with that, and I don’t expect that to change.”