The San Francisco 49ers are feeling pretty good about themselves after a joint practice with the Denver Broncos.

The 49ers hosted the Broncos for the 1st of two joint practice on Wednesday, ahead of their preseason game on Saturday night.

The early results are in and San Fran is feeling pretty good about what they’ve seen thus far.

“I tried to perch myself right there in the middle and it was like a tennis match going back and forth,” 49ers general manager John Lynch said (h/t ESPN).

“I tried to watch just as much as possible and really, I know that’s a playoff caliber team and so you want to see ‘How are we measuring up?’ It’s a practice.

But I was proud of the way our guys competed on both sides of the field and on special teams. It’s a great measuring stick and it’s a great opportunity for our team to go up against one of the deeper rosters in football and see how we stack up.”

“I think players get excited and the juices get flowing a little bit but when you practice against each other all the time, our defensive players are calling out our offensive plays all the time,” Lynch continued.

“You know the audibles, so you are going up against something where it’s not scripted. You don’t know everything they’re doing so it’s true competition. It really is as close to a game as possible.”

49ers linebacker Reuben Foster left the joint practice midway through and did not return to contract drills. Lynch said that Foster appears to be okay.

The Niners saw some good chemistry between quarterback Brian Hoyer and wide receiver Pierre Garcon.

Lynch also spoke about the benefits of joint practices and the possibility of adding more teams in the future.

“(Patriots coach Bill) Belichick has done three this year,” Lynch said.

“In the future, I don’t think you can get enough of this, if you can handle it like that. If it becomes a melee, it becomes very unproductive. I really commend both coaches for getting their teams right because when it is right, it’s the best thing you can do.”