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Eagles Carson Wentz Making Strides In Training Camp



The Philadelphia Eagles have done a lot of work during the offseason, especially in free agency, to put more talent and weapons around 2nd-year quarterback Carson Wentz.

Wentz had a strong rookie campaign in 2016 and is showing a big step in his development during training camp this year, signaling the potential for a big year.

One of the areas that Wentz worked on improving is his mechanics due to an elongated release.

“His ball placement is higher,” Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo said, per’s Matt Lombardo.

“That’s allowing his arm slot to be back and not down. He’s really worked hard on that during this offseason and in our OTAs to improve that.”

Wentz is also showing that he is comfortable with his adjustments.

“I think you’re seeing him really get comfortable in the protection piece of things,” DeFilippo said.

“I think the whole big picture of playing the quarterback position has the game really, really slowing down for him as each practice goes along. You can just see his mind slowing down and you can see his feet getting in the right position, you can see his eyes are in the right position. We just have to keep growing day-by-day.”


Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys’ Ezekiel Elliott Says I’ts ‘Absolutely Mandatory’ to beat Redskins



Following their blowout victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars in Week 6, Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott considers their upcoming tilt against the Washington Redskins as a crucial game, saying a win over their division rivals is “absolutely mandatory”.

“We need to. I think it’s absolutely mandatory that we do,”Elliott said, according to the Star-Telegram. “That’s our focus this week is going into this game, having great communication and starting fast, putting points on the board.”

Elliott knows that stringing together back-to-back wins is important especially after their big win over Jacksonville.

“It was a game we needed,” Elliott said.

“I’ve said it before – if we don’t build on it, everything we did last week really means nothing.”

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Carolina Panthers

Panthers’ Cam Newton Not Concerned About Down-Field Passing



Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton isn’t expressing concern regarding the team’s down-field passing attack after the Washington Redskins snapped the Panthers’ two-game winning stream in a game that showcased the offenses struggles with down-field passing plays.

“We good. We are good” Newton said, according to Bill Voth of the Panthers’ official website.

“I don’t know if these questions are just kind of rubbing me the wrong way, but look, we are good,” Cam Newton said Wednesday. “Ain’t no need to worry about whatever hasn’t happened or what we need to do. We don’t need to change nothing. We just need to shore up some things.

“Everything was all good just a week ago, but now, all of a sudden we have one loss or a loss that we know we were capable of winning the game, then everybody wants to kind of ask questions about deep passes, ask questions about certain players.”

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New York Giants

Giants Sign Corey Coleman To Practice Squad



The New York Giants will be the latest stop of former first round draft pick Corey Coleman as the team has signed the wide receiver to their practice squad, according to Dan Duggan of The Athletic.

Coleman worked out for the Giants on Wednesday, and with joining the team, Coleman will suit up for his fourth team this season.

Coleman, who has been traded by the Cleveland Browns, released by the Buffalo Bills and released by the New England Patriots, has never lived up to his lofty draft expectations and is coming off a 2017 season in which he posted 23 catches for 305 yards with 2 touchdowns.



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