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Eagles Carson Wentz Making Strides In Training Camp



The Philadelphia Eagles have done a lot of work during the offseason, especially in free agency, to put more talent and weapons around 2nd-year quarterback Carson Wentz.

Wentz had a strong rookie campaign in 2016 and is showing a big step in his development during training camp this year, signaling the potential for a big year.

One of the areas that Wentz worked on improving is his mechanics due to an elongated release.

“His ball placement is higher,” Eagles quarterbacks coach John DeFilippo said, per’s Matt Lombardo.

“That’s allowing his arm slot to be back and not down. He’s really worked hard on that during this offseason and in our OTAs to improve that.”

Wentz is also showing that he is comfortable with his adjustments.

“I think you’re seeing him really get comfortable in the protection piece of things,” DeFilippo said.

“I think the whole big picture of playing the quarterback position has the game really, really slowing down for him as each practice goes along. You can just see his mind slowing down and you can see his feet getting in the right position, you can see his eyes are in the right position. We just have to keep growing day-by-day.”


Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys Hoping Tavon Austin Can Become a Complete Receiver



The Dallas Cowboys are hopeful that a change of scenery will be the key to helping Tavon Austin become a complete receiver, instead of the plug-and-play type he was during his five seasons in with the Los Angeles Rams.

Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott is certainly hopeful that Austin can put it all together, as he could give the signal caller a dangerous weapon to utilize moving forward, and Austin has already impressed Prescott so far, naming him as the receiver who has impressed him the most.

“I’d say Tavon for the simple fact, in the other place he was, I didn’t know he was as good of a receiver as he was and could run routes as well as he does, and catch the ball every single time,” Prescott said, according to the Dallas Star-Telegram. “For me, from that standpoint, he’s not just a gadget, gadget guy. You don’t have to run him on speed sweeps and all that steps opens up the offense and you can use him there as well. He’s a guy you can put out there, inside, outside and trust he’s going to get open.”

Austin speed has always been intriguing, but he has yet to put it all together in his career thus far.

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Chicago Bears

Bears’ Leonard Floyd Making Strides in Training Camp



Chicago Bears linebacker Leonard Floyd may have been hampered by injuries over the course of his first two seasons in the National Football League, but he is healthy in this year’s training camp and making impressive strides in his game.

Bears’ outside linebackers coach Brandon Staley has noticed the improvement in Floyd, particularly in how he uses his hands. Floyd used boxing in his training in the offseason and it is paying dividends thus far.

“His hands have come alive,” Staley said, according to the Chicago Tribune. “I think that was always, to me when I got here, the missing piece with him — just being able to use his speed, use his length and attack these guys with his hands. I think that he still has got a long way to go, but he’s coming. You can see it.”

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Eagles’ Nick Foles Discusses Tom Brady’s Handshake Snub



Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles still hasn’t received a congratulatory hand shake from New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, who snubbed him following the Pats’ loss to the Eagles in Super Bowl LII.

While it is possible that Brady could congratulate Foles on Thursday night when the two teams meet for a preseason game, but even if it doesn’t happen, Foles is fine.

“No, I haven’t,” Foles said when asked if he has heard from Brady over the past few months, according to ESPN’s Tim McManus. “We both have a lot going on in our lives so, you know, in time.” Asked if he’d like Brady to engage him on Thursday, Foles made it clear that he does not view this as any kind of unresolved issue.

“It will happen when it happens. We practiced with the Patriots several years ago, and I got to stand there and talk to Tom for quite a bit. He’s a great guy. I have all the respect in the world for him,” said Foles.

“I think everyone’s making a really big deal out of this and it’s not a big deal at all. I’ve already talked to him before, he’s a guy I’ve always looked up to. You’ve got to admire someone who is probably the greatest ever and still going strong. I mean, even at his age he seems to get better and better. I’ve already had a conversation with him before when we practiced, so if we have one in the future, we’ll have one and it will be cool.”

“This is a new season, new people, new players,” Foles continued. “Obviously we wear the same logos as last year but we both have a new identity. This is the time of year where we grow together as teams, so that’s all I’m really focusing on.”

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