Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky will most certainly be a project as his NFL career kicks off and training camp was his first introduction into what playing in the NFL will be like.

Trubisky, the second overall pick of the 2017 NFL draft, is making some headlines for a shaky performance in a drill during Chicago’s first padded practice on Saturday.

Trubisky fumbled three snaps from under center during the drill although he has made a few impressive throws during the start of Bears’ camp.

“Yeah, it was frustrating because that was uncharacteristic of me, and I’ve just got to handle that,” Trubisky said.

“They were just wasted plays, and I was kind of frustrated because I kind of wasted a team session right there, and I didn’t allow myself or my teammates to get better. You’ve just got to block that out, bounce back. The other quarterbacks and the coach said something to me that allowed me to get back in rhythm and play football. It’s the most critical part of the play. I’ve just got to take care of that and get better on my part.”

Trubisky touched on a loss of focus and overthinking as a part of his problem on Saturday.

“I think I just lost focus there for a period of time, and then I was starting to overthink it and then couldn’t get it” Trubisky explained.

“It’s all about bouncing back and continuing to get better throughout practice. I messed that up, but I also improved in other areas throughout practice.”

“Well, it was two different guys at center,” Bears head coach John Fox said (h/t ESPN).

“Again, he is a rookie. First day in pads, our linemen, the centers a little more anxious to get off the ball because there is quite a bit of force getting ready to hit them. So it’s not just the quarterback. First day, getting used to the new center and new quarterback.”

“He’s learning a whole new offense,” Fox said.

“A whole different NFL coverage package that we see a little bit more extensive types of coverages. So I think the guy’s done everything he can. He’s improving every day. He’s got a great work ethic. He learns quickly and works hard. You can’t ask for much more ”

“I have to respect the plan that they have in place, and I have to believe in that, so that’s what I’m doing,” Trubisky said when discussing the Bears’ plans with him.

“We’ve got a great quarterback room. Mike, Mark and Connor have really all been helping me with everything I need: the mental side of the game, as well as preparation going into practice and staying on top of the plays and all that. For me, it’s just control what I can control, get better every day and believe in the plan that they have in place.

It’s all about winning games for the Bears. They have a plan. We’ve just got to believe in it and execute it.”